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Hello, dear one. My name is Lina and I am, first and foremost, a student of Life. I am constantly learning - from connections with other people, from Life experiences, from my intuition/higher self/inner being, from Universe/God/Spirit/Creator/Divine, from Mother Earth and all her creatures, energies, elements, wonders, magic, and mysteries. I'm growing more and more into myself every day. Lina Learning was born out of a time of great transformation and deep inner work. All I am here to do is experience life as fully as I can, share my authentic journey, and speak my deep truths.

The things I like to learn about are vast and wide and I look forward to sharing my many muses with you. My intention for this space is to provide a platform for you, dear one, to find inspiration to dive deeper into their own inner journey, and for me to find different avenues for expressing my creative and connective nature. 

I have spent a lot of time traveling, both in the external and internal world, to open sleeping parts of myself. I have found myself in places and with people that have expanded my mind in ways beyond my imagination. I've dedicated a lot of time to practicing different techniques of self-reflection and self-love that have allowed me to dive deep within my psyche to discover both shadows and light. Who I am and what I stand for is the manifestation of holding space for all of it - the darkness and the light, the pain and the joy, the fear and the gratitude. I've come to realize that the journey of accepting and loving all parts of oneself is life-long. This is truly a path that has no destination, so I like to think of Life more as a dance, just something we are here to enjoy every step of. I like to think I have taken advantage of every learning opportunity that has been gifted to me in this Life. I continue to add tools to my toolbox that allow for me to stay present, peaceful, and empowered in a world that can sometimes feel quite the opposite. Now, I feel that many lessons I have learned over my time on this planet have been integrated into my being, and I'm feeling confident and brave enough to share them with you, dear one. 

With every fiber of my being, I thank you for being here. I am so grateful that you are in energetic alignment to receive this information. I believe there are no such things as mistakes, no such thing as failure, only learning opportunities. I am ecstatic to explore more parts of myself and to hopefully inspire you to do the same for yourself in the process. It's no coincidence that you found yourself here, now.


So here's to learning, connecting, expressing, healing, and growing together. May we continue to live with the courage to open our hearts to the magic of the unknown, allow all our emotions to guide us, and be present for all of life's experiences so that we may find great joy, freedom, and unconditional love for ourselves and all beings. 

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