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Celebrating ME!

The other day I was surfing at one of my favorite breaks. No one else was there except Juan and I plus a couple of girls getting surf lessons from a friend.

I could only assume they had never been on a surfboard before and as I was listening to what they were noticing about it and what they were commenting on, it hit me…

I started exactly where they are. Three years ago when I came to Galápagos I told myself I was going to learn how to surf even though I had only ever touched a surfboard one other time before that. Now I’m surfing waves that used to (and still do sometimes) send shivers of fear down my spine.

A feeling of pride welled up inside me.

We all start somewhere and I have come SO FAR. I have stuck to this thing, this pretty difficult thing to learn, I have practiced day in and day out, fallen countless times, gotten eaten by waves, been held under so long I thought for sure I was going to die… and here I am now. Standing up and riding waves with ease, increasing my strength and skills every day on and off the waves.

I rode one perfect wave all the way to the beach, a sea turtle swimming beneath me as I looked across the wave, and I jumped off my board with the biggest smile on my face.

Laughing with giddy joy, I looked up to see those two girls watching and clapping their hands for me on the beach.

Thanks for that little affirmation, ladies, you reminded me that I don’t celebrate myself enough, and I sure as hell deserve it.


I dare you to write a list of all the accomplishments you’ve ever made. Could be anything small and big. From graduating high school to starting your own business. From paying rent to traveling solo. From moving out of your hometown to raising a child. From learning a new skill to getting out of bed every morning. Whatever you want to put on that list, write it down. Take a good long look at it, and revel in what an absolutely amazing, resilient, inspiring human you really, truly are.

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