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Change is HARD

I’m gonna tell it to you straight...

Change is uncomfortable.

I couldn’t tell you a time in my life when a change happened and it was super easy and gentle. Oftentimes there’s a part of us that needs to die in order for something new to come to life. Death makes us uncomfortable because we are so attached to the way things are.

I’ve read that before snakes shed their skin, they get super uncomfortable and irritated. They begin to grow so quickly that their skin can’t keep up and if you hate wearing tight jeans imagine having your whole body feel like that.

I’ve heard that caterpillars essentially have to melt into a puddle of mush inside their chrysalis. That they completely lose their form before being created into something new.

I’m telling you this because if you’re in an uncomfortable stage in your life right now, if you’re feeling pain and loss and maybe you’re not even sure why... It might just be that you’re about to shed your skin. It might just be that you’re disintegrating the parts you no longer need.

It might just be your old self falling away so that your new skin with your new wings can grow in.

Hold tight, dear one.

I promise you, it’s worth it to stick around and find out.

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