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Choosing Our Dreams

We recently took a BIG step towards our dreams...

We both came to this realization that sometimes, we have to say no to opportunities that arise that don't fit with where we want to go.

Juan turned down a job. It was a job that he would be spending all day inside (if you know him, you know that's not what he's cut out for) and a job that told him to say goodbye to his free-time, to celebrating holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, and to forget about asking off for vacation.

When he told me about the hours, the lack of time off, and the barely minimum wage that he would be getting paid... something didn't sit right with me.

I asked him if that's what he truly wanted. It took him a while to answer, but he came to the conclusion that no, it's not, but he is willing to do ANYTHING to make me happy.

It was then that I had to make it super clear that what would make me the most happy is him following his dreams. We both knew that this job was not it.

After all, we have made it this far, almost two years later, living off the income from my online business, not going without anything we needed, still having food to eat and an apartment to live in. Honestly, we've been fine. And there's no doubt in my mind that we are going to continue to be fine.

We were standing on the waters edge at the beach near our home hugging each other, I looked at Juan and said "Let's go all in on our dreams. Right now. Let's just decide that we are going to follow our soul's desires and stop for nothing else but that."

In that moment I could see the light come back to his eyes. At that moment there was a shift. A big, massive shift.

We said no to what we don't want so that we could say yes to what we do want.

Sounds simple, but it can be easy to be drawn to the things that feel almost but not quite in alignment just to make things feel safer and more comfortable. It has become so clear to us that sometimes we have to show the universe that we CHOOSE this life, that we are going ALL IN and that we FULLY TRUST that we will be provided for. We have to choose to be comfortable in the uncomfortable because we are going to have to do things we’ve never done in order to get to where we’ve never been before. We aren’t choosing the easy path, we’re choosing the freedom path.

So, that's where we're at now.

Trusting in each other & in the Universe to provide for us. Going all in on our dreams and watching as everything begins to fall into place. Putting all of our energy towards bringing our dreams into reality one step at a time, and enjoying every step of the process along the way. I can't wait to share what all we have in the works right now, it's some truly beautiful stuff that we are both so excited for.

As I type this, Juan and I are on Floreana Island, the most remote inhabited island of the Galapagos. Less than 200 people live here, there are no paved roads, and the only two stores on the island have only very basic items like oil and rice (thank goodness we brought our own food!). We came here to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and my 25th birthday. We rented a house on the beach for the week and are taking the whole week to ourselves, offline, not checking our phones or responding to any messages or emails.

We’ve been sleeping with the sound of the ocean. Waking up with the sun without an alarm. Spending our days naked on the private beaches. Swimming with sea turtles in the crystal clear waters. Reading all afternoon in hammocks. Exploring the tide pools and landscapes around us. Playing checkers with warm cups of tea in the evening. Cuddling on a blanket to watch the sunset. Having long talks over candle light about what we’ve been through and where we’re headed. No schedule, just time to recalibrate to each other, let our creative energies flow, and have quiet time in nature.

Juan just came running up to the window I'm sitting at and told me to come see the sunset. It's been cloudy all day so I had figured that there wouldn't be much of a sunset, but I walked five steps out the front door to see the sky lit up in bright pink lines against the dark blue clouds. Something only the Earth could paint for us. We sat there, hugging each other, in awe of the colors reflecting off the waves, watching the sea turtles come up for air and the blue footed boobies dive for fish.

This... this is what we came here for. These simple moments. Simple but so incredibly full of life.

Not for working jobs we don't like. If Juan had taken that job, we wouldn't be on this trip.

We wouldn't be living our dream life.

Which turns out, is happening, right here and right now.

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