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Divine Intervention

My life has been shaped by divine intervention.

Many of the most pivotal moments of my life have happened when things seemed lost, out of my control, and like they really weren’t going my way.

That’s exactly how I felt when my phone mysteriously stopped working, just turned black with no warning signs. When I took it to Apple they ran all the tests on it and still had no idea what was wrong with it and that my only option was to buy a new one. This forced me to sign out of my social media platforms, which was the beginning of me taking a break from Instagram.

My life didn’t stop just because my phone broke. Instead, I spent the next two months with good friends traversing dirt roads, finding hidden surf breaks, and eating all the fish tacos I possibly could in Mexico. Not making a single post about any of it, just living my life the best way I know how: in the limitless present. The months after that I spent diving into community projects in San Cristobal and expanding my yoga business while trying out my new surfboard on my favorite home break.

Then one day I was reading through my journal and saw that exactly one month to the day prior to my phone breaking, I had written in black ink across the page “I can sense that I need a social media break.” What started as a week with a black screen turned into nearly 4 months of a break that my intuition knew I needed, but my mind was scared to take for fear of “falling behind”, “being forgotten about”, or “losing momentum.”

So the Universe said something along the lines of “biiiitch, if you don’t do it, Imma have to do it for you!” (She can be quite sassy when you really need a lesson learned), and *poof* my phone was gone.

Of course my phone breaking startled some panic in me at the beginning, but after I accepted what I couldn’t change, relaxed and took some deep breaths, I allowed myself to settle into the silence that would help me tune inward over the following days, weeks, and months.

I came to the realization that I do not want to be on social media if I am not embodying what I share online in my real life. I knew I needed a break because I was feeling disconnected from my intentions and I could sense that I wasn’t feeling myself.

I want to be the person that lives the messages before delivering them. Not someone who shares things to fit a certain image or just because something works for others means it will work for me.

I remembered that my life is full of beauty, fun, and joy because I choose to see it that way, not because I got likes and good feedback on a post.

I was held by the divine intervention that has shaped my life. It gently told me to slow down, take some time to look inward, and fully enjoy my present moment.

I allowed myself the safe space to heal from heartbreak, to tune back into who I am and what I am here for.

My Life demands to be driven by Spirit, which is how I feel empowered and inspired from the inside out to share my gifts with you in this new, refined, refreshed way.

If there’s one lesson I have realized through all the divine interventions that have shaped my life in the most unexpected ways, it's that no matter how much it feels like things aren’t working out for you, the truth is that they are actually always conspiring in your favor.

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