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Fear of Success?

Fear of success... something that came up for me the past couple days as I was writing out goals and intentions for the month.

I had to stop and ask myself... Where are these fears coming from? Why am I letting them block my success + abundance?

Because when I get down to it, I KNOW these fears aren’t true.





Fear... is simply NOT WHO I AM.

It’s not who we are.

What I know to be true is that I am a good leader and that I deserve success without suffering (especially self-inflicted suffering). I have so many things that are falling together beautifully in my life right now and I’m seeing that all I have to do is align myself with my inner being for everything to fully drop in.

I know it’s such a blessing to be acknowledging these things because I see that I am the only thing standing in my way. Self-sabotage and limiting beliefs are the ONLY THINGS standing in my way of success. This is amazing and I’m so grateful because this is actually something that I have control over. I have ALL THE POWER to change these fears into positive affirmations, to open myself up to receiving, and to allow myself to fulfill my destiny of changing the world around me for the better of all life while fully enjoying every step of the way!

I help no one by playing small. I have no idea how many people I could help if I played big, if I fully step in to all that I am.

I know it to be true that when I shine my light, when I step into my power, I give others permission to do the same.

It’s simply a choice. I choose to play big. I choose to let my fears be my fuel for success. I choose to go ALL IN on myself and ALL IN on my dreams.

This is my life. I choose to honor this gift of life by being successful, bowing with gratitude, and trusting that everything is exactly how it should be. I choose to see success as my ability to truly live my truth and my dreams because, if that’s the case, there’s nothing to fear. I’m already successful.

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