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Heal yourself to heal the world

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

There's a lot of things that feel scary and uncertain about the world right now.

Anytime I find myself getting consumed by other's opinions, by fear of the unknown, or by anxiety about where the world is headed...

I stop.

I tune back into my breath.

I check in with myself.

Am I in flight or fight mode?

Am I acting out of fear or love?

If there is one thing that feels true for me, its that the only way I can begin to heal the world is if I heal myself. I will not be helping anything or anyone if I am operating from a state of distress and despair. The only way to mend the separation of the world is to find where separation lives within my own being and tend to it with the gauze of compassion, the balm of an open mind, and the tenderness of unconditional love.

I put my phone down and ask "Where is my heart?"

I go outside.

I put my bare feet on the Earth.

I go swimming naked.

For my health and the health of everyone else, I sign out of my socials for a moment and sign in to my center.

Through all the chaos, the Earth still breathes, the birds still sing, the flowers still bloom. They have and they will continue. I allow myself be grounded in this present moment.

Here & Now.

I am safe. I am connected. I am healthy. I trust my body and my intuition. I have so much love in my heart and hope for this world.

May we all be well.

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