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I believe, I trust, I love MYSELF

I recently had a friend send me a message saying “Lina, I can’t even remember the person I was at the beginning of this year. I don’t even know her anymore, who is she? I’ve grown so exponentially!”

This got me thinking about what growth I’ve done over the last year and I gotta say, I’m right there with her. Thinking back to who I was 6 months to a year ago is a totally different Lina than who I am now. Exponential growth without a doubt.

About this time last year I was debating on quitting my serving job. I had been working at a restaurant all throughout the pandemic and lockdowns, serving people food that I wouldn't even eat myself, with people who more often than not drained my energy with their constant drama. I was so unhappy but I was convincing myself that I was making the best out of a bad situation. Which may be true but I knew deep down that lifestyle wasn’t for me anymore.

I was so tired of working for bosses that didn’t respect my time and efforts. Who took advantage of my good work ethic. I was so tired of working long hours on my feet and getting paychecks that would come out to literally pennies. I made good tips some days and bad tips other days. I was tired of how much money I made be dependent on how good of a mood customers were in. Sometimes I would serve a table flawlessly and with a smile and get stiffed. I was reaaallllyyy tired of that. I was tired of trading my time for money, tired of being around people that didn’t light my soul on fire, tired of serving unhealthy food to people, tired of acting like I wanted to be at work when I would have rather been just about anywhere else.

So, I quit. And like I do when I’ve quit almost any other job, I took what savings I had left and hit the road. Since then I haven’t looked back.

The growth that I really want to touch on here is more geared towards my belief in myself. Thinking back to that version of Lina I just described above, that girl hardly believed in herself. The belief she had in herself got her as far as working at a shitty restaurant for 8 months, but that dissatisfaction at that job also got her thinking “there has got to be more than this.”

I knew there had to be a way out of this stagnant space I felt so stuck in so I started investing in myself. I grounded down into my morning practice. I got a coach for the first time. I invested more money into a 4 month healing course than I have ever spent on one thing before in my life. You can check out all the tools I used to get me through this stagnation on the Toolbox page.

Beyond investing in my personal growth, making time for myself, and moving to a forgein country, you want to know the number one thing I’ve done to prove to myself that I believe in myself?

Start my own business.

Not only start my own business, but also quit my serving job and go all in on working for myself and making my dream life my number one priority.

Becoming an entrepreneur is the best way to catapult you into growing like never before.

Of course this was terrifying (!!!) because of the stigma in society around not having a traditional job. I was so scared of what others would think of me as a holder of a bachelor's degree now working full-time online and starting to use my social media to promote health and wellness products. I hadn’t been successful in a sales job before. I was investing money to get started. I got lots of skepticism from my parents and friends. I had bills to pay and trips coming up and I was moving my life to another country. There was so much unknown. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. But at the end of the day, I think there just comes a time for every person that is seeking more out of life where we just have to say fuck it and go for it.

That past version of myself just decided, after a looonnggg time coming, that she wasn’t going to play small anymore. That she was going to go all in on upleveling her mindset, on expanding her horizons, and on fearlessly believing that anything is possible. She decided that she was going to quit her job and go full time in working for a company that fully aligns with her values, go full time in pursuing her passions, and go full time in lighting that spark in others to do the same for themselves.

Ever since starting my business with Enagic, which is essentially a franchise of the number one water-ionizer company in the world (learn more here), my life hasn’t looked the same since. I haven’t had to clock into work, I haven’t had to answer to a boss, I haven’t had to miss out on any special life experiences.

I’ve been able to make an income both from my home in Galapagos and my home in the States. I’ve made sales while road tripping and while hanging out with friends I adore. I’ve been able to surround myself with like-minded individuals who are ready to wake their dreams into reality and get out of the matrix.

Now my good work ethic reflects in my own flourishing business. Now I get to work wherever I want, whenever I want and my paychecks have four figures on them. Now how much money I make is dependent on how much fun I have and how many lives I change. Now I get paid generously and fairly, I get to be around people that inspire me and light me up, and I actually enjoy the work that I do!

My dreams of owning and restoring land, of having multiple homes in places I love, of being a part of sacred and conscious community, of having financial freedom and retiring young, of having money to donate to organizations fighting the good fight, of being able to travel on a whim for as long as I want, of having joyful and soulful relationships all around me, of being deeply connected to nature, of having the time and space and energy to play, create, and enjoy life, of creating magic in the mundane… all of this? Instead of it feeling lightyears away, I feel like it's all just within my reach.

Now I am the version of myself that dreams bigger dreams than ever before and truly feels like I can accomplish them. I am a version of myself that believes so much in herself, in her connection with Source, in her own divine will, and in her willingness to do the work it takes to make things happen. I know that I am infinite and that life works in miracles. I know that by feeling good about the life I live, I’ve already won the game. I know that I am here to enjoy, to experience, and to appreciate all that life has to offer. I know that I am already living my dream life, it is here right now.

I am so grateful for it all yet still I know...

It only gets better from here.

Journal prompts for you to reflect on:

Who do I want to be in a year?

What can I do today that will put me one step closer to being that next-level version of myself?

What are my greatest desires in life?

What change can I make in my life right now that will bring those desires closer to my reality?

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