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Life is Simple, Just ENJOY

Ever wonder why we’re here?

We spend so much time trying to figure out why we’re here, why we exist, what’s our purpose in life.

What if I told you that every one has the same purpose in life?

What if I told you our purpose in life could be summed into two simple words?


That’s it?

That it.

to simply e n j o y.

that’s why we’re here.

We’re here to enjoy the fact that there’s a massive ball of fire in the middle of our solar system that just so happens to be just far away enough to not burn our atmosphere but just close enough to warm our skin and help the plants grow fruit.

We’re here to enjoy the fact that birds sing and so do we. That oceans wave and so do we. That trees grow and so do we. That everything lives and dies and so do we.

We’re here to enjoy that feeling when we see someone beautiful and they smile at us.

We’re here to enjoy every point in our human range of emotions. We’re here enjoy our pain, enjoy our love, enjoy our ability to feel both happy and sad at the same time, enjoy our full range of emotions because they let us know that we’re alive.

We’re here to enjoy the way the sound of instruments flow together that makes every cell in our bodies want to move in ways they haven’t before.

We’re here to enjoy our bodies. Let our skin be tickled, let our mouths taste the twinge of sour, let our breath be full. We’re here to explore our senses and find joy in how they collaborate to make this human experience so immersive.

What if I told you that you could stop your search for your purpose in life now because all you have to do is enjoy exactly where you are right now.

Still not sure of why you’re here? There’s only one question that will help you figure it out: What do you enjoy?

Follow the answers to that, and I can promise you, dear friend, you’ll find your reason.

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