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No Plan? No Problem

“‘The plan’ is bullshit,” I told the girls I had just met on the beach as they were talking about how their parents continuously breathe down their necks about what they are going to do next with their life.

The plan your family members and society tell you that you need to have in order to be successful, is bullshit.

The plan that you think you have to have in order for your life to work out, is bullshit.

The plan you worked so hard to create and then suddenly felt like it’s not for you anymore, is bullshit.

The best plot twists of my life, the best travel stories, the best people I have met, the jobs I’ve had that ultimately led me to becoming an entrepreneur, all happened because I didn’t have a plan.

I just relentlessly believed that everything was going to work out perfectly. Constantly reminded myself to trust the process and follow what felt good to my soul. Then allowed the path to reveal itself to me as I was surprised and delighted by the universe over and over again.

When you allow yourself to be open to life in the inevitable in-between moments, magic finds its way to you.

Trust those crazy ideas. Listen to those pulls from your heart. Act on those intuitive pings and your life will start to change.

You get to choose your path and you can change it at ANY moment.

The girls laughed, agreeing with me and saying they should get that tattooed. “That should be our new motto – the plan is bullshit!”

“It is!” I exclaimed, “I wouldn’t be here talking with you right now if I had had a plan for my life,” spreading my arms wide, “and look at where I am now…”

Gratitude stained my lips into a smile as we all looked out from the beach towards the crystal turquoise waters. Young sea lions launched themselves in playful swirls from the water into the air. Frigate birds casted little shadows on our towels with their wings flying high overhead. The sun warmly kissed our skin as a marine iguana scurried across the white sand.

“Not a bad place to be,” exhaled one of the girls.

“Yeah…” answered the other, “fuck the plan.”

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