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ocean inspired poetry collection (vol. I)

These pieces were written through out the year 2019, when I lived in the Galapagos Islands teaching English. My apartment was about half a block away from the crystal blue waters of the Pacific. We would throw our bathing suits on just to race down the stairs and see who would be the first one to jump off the pier into water. The ocean held me through all the tough and easy times during that year, always bestowing upon me her gentle wisdom. She is one of my biggest inspirations in life, hence why I love to write poetry.


every day i run to the sea

for a baptism

from the daily grime

of all things man made

stress, worry, anxiety

i melt into her

loving embrace

she holds me gently


everything will be okay

sweet child

be still with me

let me wash away

the parts that are not you

so that you can leave this water

shining bright

ready to love

open to receive

i thank her again

and again

and again

as I leave reborn

right out of the hands

of God herself


by God

be like the ocean

reflect back the light shone on you

like sun off the surface

be unapologetically deep

and fearlessly open

allow the unknown parts of you

to be explored

rise to the occasion

and fall back when it’s your turn to listen

thrash and rage

turn others trash into a lesson

never hesitate to crash into the shores

of what needs to be said

and by God

be unshaken

by what goes on at the surface

your true essence

calm beneath

like the ocean


the ocean has always called my name

when i was a kid

i waited all year long for spring break

piling the family in the car

17 hour drive

each hour going by faster

my limbs aching

to spend a week with the sea

long, slow walks with her

stopping every few steps

to show Nana a shell

her favorite ones displayed at home

making castles from wet sand

my little brother digging huge holes

so we could bury Poppy in the sand

fishing with Dad from the pier

always wondering why people love to fish so much

little me couldn’t sit around water that long

and not want to be in it

basking in the sun with Mom

my sister and I and splashing her in the water

just to get a laugh

from her sarcasm

(this one feels unfinished, but I had forgotten about it until I was looking through the notes in my phone to put together this post and it made me smile so, I figured I would add it.)


soundless sounds

it feels bittersweet

to have a soul

that longs to be in two places at once

somewhere in between

endless greens and open blues

yet resonates so deeply

in Here as the only place

and Now as the only time


I sometimes long for the forests

of oak, pine, aspen, and redwood

the smell of morning dew soaked leaves

and scavenged wood burning

the sound of creeks slowly trickling by

and cricket filled silence

I long for the way the sun peaks through treetops

only the tips of its fingers gracing the ferns below

I long to feel small amongst the trees

to watch last light fade from mountain peaks

rooted and reaching

cradled in Mother’s arms


lost in endless green

But then the ocean breeze whispers through my window

calling out

for me to run and jump

below the surface

sun rays break through

reaching their hands fearlessly into the depths

leaving my mind totally blank

for I’ve yet to find words

to describe the kind of beauty

I’m certain one can only experience

the sound of the sea fills my ears

something between silence and noise

I am humbled

put in my insignificantly significant place

for there is nothing more vast

than the open blue

submerged in Mother’s heart

lost in an ocean of awe

I recognize the only difference

between endless greens and open blues

instead of wandering

I have to dive in


some days

I can’t tell the difference between the ocean and I

my skin becomes two parts hydrogen

one oxygen

hers turns into flesh

bubbles laugh

and limbs wave

seaweed for hair

freckles for sand

her fish nibble on my toes

I kiss her curves

(another unfinished one but, I like it.)


words the sea whispers

I trust the ocean more than life

maybe because all life as I know it

came from Her

I jump into her loving embrace

as far away from the fears of falling as I can get

for I cannot fall when I’m submerged in the sea

only float

only trust

only exist

My dear, she says

what have we here

I’ll admit it, I say

I’m afraid

of what, she begs

of failing

I exhale

relax my shoulders into her

tilt my head back so her words are the only thing I can hear

oh my, she breathes, sweet child

do not be afraid

of falling

on land, yes, you can jump and you will always come crashing to the ground

but gravity has no such power in life

when you take a leap

you will fall

maybe more clumsily some times than others

but you will never come crashing down

you will always land

on your two feet

right where you need to be

when you need to be there

take the leap, she coos

trust life as you trust me

to hold you

to open you

to teach you

and I can promise, sweet child

everything you need will fall

with you

into place


Thank you for reading, thank you for being here. These are poems that I hold near and dear to my heart. I'm so grateful to share them with you.

If you want to read more of my poetry, feel free to click on or search #poetry. Enjoy!

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