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Own It

No one else on the planet can do what you do the way that you do it.

The way that you walk this Earth is the first time the Earth has felt that footstep. The way that you live your life is so unique, that God bubbles up with joy as you find your way. That way you wake from a long deep rest, the way you smile and wave at every baby you see, the way you stop in your tracks to pet a dog or smell a flower, the way your skin wraps around your bones in the sweetest hug of devotion… has never been done before.

You are here to be just that. Just you. There is nothing to figure out, only remembering to do. Remembering that you, dear one, have a path so unique to this world. That with every step you take you are carving out something new, something the world has never seen. Don’t be afraid of where you are going, the dark of the unknown loves to feel your first touch. How your fingertips feel around, touching softly here, grabbing what feels best there. You are an artist. Shaping life as you go, birthing beauty that wasn’t there before. You are a direct channel from the Infinite to the Earth…

The only thing left to do?

Own it, darling. Claim what is already yours.

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