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Picture This

Picture this:

You’re driving down a mountain road, Bob Marley blasting on the radio.

You just spent the last month road tripping across the country, visiting friends who light you up, swimming in every river and lake, hiking up every mountain you could.

The last three days you spent with one of your best friends at a log cabin in the woods, having deep soulful conversations about life without a worry in the world.

This has been my reality because of Enagic. Working with a company whose business value is literally ~freedom~ has completely changed the game for me.

Because of this company, I get to hit send on an email that brings on another beautiful soul to my team & gets them and their family access to this same freedom plus medical grade drinking water, all while Three Little Birds fills my ears, the mountains in the windshield fill my heart, the friend next to me fills my soul, and over a thousand dollars flows into my bank account.

I suddenly have found myself realizing every day that I am living my dream life.

In one month, I’ve been able to generate more money than I would make in 3 months at serving and teaching jobs I’ve had in the past.

All while traveling across the country, doing all the things that give me life, and hardly ever being on my Instagram.

It’s been a blessing to watch how the more fun I have, the more money I make. With this company, that truly can be how you live your life. And I know that because if it’s been true for me (and so many others!), it could be for you too.

We only get this one life, and it’s too short to be living anything but your dream life every day.

All I’m here to do is live my version of freedom, and I’m more than grateful that I get to help others live theirs too.

To see if being a Kangen Water distributor would fit into whatever your version of freedom is, get in touch with me from my Work With Me page and we’ll set up a call to see if this unique opportunity is right for you.

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