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Safety First

The #1 thing you need to be able to expand is safety.

You cannot become the fully expressed being you are meant to be without feeling safe first. You have to feel safe in your environment, relationships, and body. Then you can begin to really tap into the endlessly creative and expansive version of you.

If you are moving through this world feeling unsafe, unsure, ungrounded, you are moving through this world in survival mode. Your every action and thought goes towards just surviving, not thriving.

I have been living in survival mode for quite some time. Moving abroad and not being able to fully ground down because of visa issues, having no comfortable place to call my home, trying to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing world around me when my body was aching to slow down, having to keep to myself in an attempt to please people around me. I have been holding A LOT together. I have not felt fully safe and comfortable for these last few years.

When you have to hold yourself together all the time, you compensate for your energy. You become exhausted with life instead of fueled by it. This means you cannot relax and be in the receiving mode of the creative Life force God energy that flows through you at all times.

This realization came to me after I had a really frustrating surf session that ended with me injuring myself by falling off a wave and banging my hip on a rock, leading me to break down in tears in front of others, be vulnerable, and ask for help. This brought up a lot for me, and it is what brought me to the realization that I am needing to focus on feeling safe.

If you want to expand, grow, and live the most delicious life you can imagine, you need to give yourself the time, space, and energy to nurture yourself, to be held, and allow your nervous system to relax. Ask yourself: What do you need to feel safe? What would feel nourishing to you right now?

For me, the answer to those questions was buying a couch for my home so I could feel more comfortable in my space. It was investing in a coach again to have space held for me so I can begin to hold space for others in a newly inspired way. It was giving myself time in the morning to move & dance, meditate, and tune into my feminine energy through self-pleasure practices that get me feeling good in my body. It was allowing myself to be held by Juan & my community, asking for help, leading with vulnerability, trusting that people will care for me.

What do you need to feel safe and comfortable in your body, home, and relationships? Can you give yourself those things? Your desires for comfort will pay themselves off quickly.

Your real, authentic, and inspired voice is what this world needs. Get yourself well. Allow yourself to be held. Refresh your home. Put your bare feet on the Earth and breathe. Surround yourself with people that uplift, inspire, and hold space for you. Find safety within and around you. You will then allow yourself to receive the manifestations that are meant for you because manifestations come when you don’t have to hold yourself together.

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