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The Power of Women in Circle

This area of mainland Ecuador has been experiencing a drought, this time of year is supposed to be the rainy season. The river was dry and the plants were shriveled.... until we met in circle.

One of the first nights of our yoga teacher training we were invited to a new moon women’s circle to pray for rain. We made a circle around a fire, each of us saying our names along with our mothers and grandmothers. We each said a prayer for the Earth and offered herbs to the fire. We prayed that the river may meet the ocean again, that the plants may be fed in abundance, and that healing waters would rain from the heavens.

To no ones surprise, for of course we all know how powerful a circle of women with intention can be, it has rained every day since.

On the last day of our training, almost an entire moon cycle later, the river met the ocean again.

Over the last few days, I’ve sat where fresh & salt water meet, watching them flow together with grace as the Earth wakes up, misty eyes rising from the lush jungle mountains. Feeling inspired by water and her ability to take on any form. In awe of how her flow moves through every cell in our bodies and every plant on this planet. It’s no coincidence that our bodies and the Earth are made of similar percentage of water. Amazed at her ability to to shape rocks and beaches and landscapes so vast with her gentleness.

She takes life just as easily as she gives it. She moves and shapes life within and around us. Carrying away the old and bringing with her the new. Water knows no boundaries.

Thank you, Water, for reminding me to be unattached and that good things come with intention, prayer, connection, and consistency.

May you run free everywhere for all of time.


Some words from a journal entry. Feeling so grateful to be here, to learn and be inspired from the Earth. What has nature been teaching you lately? Would love to hear from you, head over to the connect page and send me a message!

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