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To all the Wombs

I see you, Wombmyn. I see you, mother. I see you, sister. I see you, daughter. I see you, healer. I see you, creator. I see you, witness. I see you, student. I see you, teacher. I see you, healing the wounds that have been passed down for generations so that your child doesn’t have to carry them. I see you, taking time for yourself every day so that you can be present for the life that you are bringing into this world. I see you, building wealth in more ways than one - in joy, in community, in health, in money - so that you can enjoy every part of this life to the fullest. I see you, learning every day, being a humble student, keeping your mind and heart open to all possibilities, transcending the need to be right for the need to be free is more important. I see you, creating human life by donating your precious body to them until they’re ready to come Earthside. I see you, creating life, space, art, and joy by tuning into the infiniteness of nothing and somehow pulling beauty out of the darkness. I see you, honoring your mothers, grandmothers, ancestors, this Earth we call our home, and Divine Mother who has given birth to all of the above. I see you, BIRTHING: businesses, art, music, dance, projects, homes, babies, space, connections, and so much more. I see you birthing from the most sacred places within you and birthing your heart into this world with utmost trust and bravery. I see you, womb + man. I see you, woman. CREATING. GROWING. LEARNING. LIVING. DREAMING. BEING. LOVING. Christine is the first woman in my life who I have been close to before, during, and (soon!) after her pregnancy. It has been an honor and a blessing to watch her step into her new role of mother with such grace, peace, and humbleness. Thank you for sharing your light & your life with me, dear sister. This one goes out to all the mothers. The past mothers, the now mothers, the mothers to be. Really, to all women now and forever - with or with out a womb, with or with out children - I see you. Whether you’ve birthed a child into this world or not, I’m sure you are a mother to someone or something somewhere. Even if only to yourself, that is enough. And for that, I thank you. I see you. Your love is cherished and does not go unnoticed. Your love is what mothers this Earth, what heals yourself to heal this world, what creates ripples for generations to come. May you continue to find the courage to love with out conditions, to set yourself & those you love free.

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