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journal: who am I?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I know deep down that I am a force of nature. Still, I am working through pain, doubts, and fears.

I am beginning to see more and more glimpses of this wise wild woman within.

She looks pain straight in the face and says "bring it on." She's not afraid to feel because she knows her emotions are her roadmap to Self. She holds loving, compassionate space for everyone she meets. Her vulnerability is her power. Her strength is found in her softness. She is the alchemist - turning everything that is not love into love. She is humble, always learning, and looks at the her shadows and the unknown with curiosity. She is comfortable with being uncomfortable because she thats where the most growth occurs. She is not attached to any labels, empty of comparison and competition. Full of only the same energy that comes from Source. The more she learns the less she knows. She sees herself in everyone she meets and believes that everyone has something to teach her. The mysteries of life excite her, she is never bored. She journeys inward so that she can heal herself and the world. She is simply herself, others admire her ability to live in her truths and they are inspired by her to follow their own paths with trust. She loves fiercely, there is nothing done with half-assed love by her. She dives down, in, then up. She is complex and simple - like the Universe itself. She is in tune with her Earthly body, honoring its cycles, strengths, and changes. She is in tune with Mother Earth, loving, honoring, and protecting this abundant spirit. She leads with love, allowing love to teach and lead her. She burns and births. She is grounded and ascending. She embodies both masculine and feminine. She cocoons herself in stillness when need be, listens and learns, and then spreads her new wings of understanding. She changes with the tides and is guided by the cosmos. She is at home within herself because she is the Universe made manifest.

This woman is me. I am her.

As within so without.

And so it is.


This was a journal entry from June 19th, 2020. I wrote this after crying over the realization that I have been suppressing my own voice for the sake of other people's comfort. I cried and apologized to myself, then wrote these affirmations:




Followed by the words you just read above. This never ending voyage of discovery about who we are is something that can be both exhilarating and terribly scary. I am finding new parts of myself every day and I know for certain that there is no other trip I'd rather be taking.

Here's to diving deep so that we can rise.

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