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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NOT included in the price?

- Flights - Galapagos National Park entrance fee ($100 paid in cash upon arrival to the islands) - Migratory tourist card ($20 cash paid at either UIO or GYE airport) - PCR or anitgen test(s) needed to arrive or return home - travel insurance

What do I need to bring?

anything you need for the beach: sunscreen (very expensive in the islands!! bring your own if possible) hat sunglasses swim suits beach towel or sarong snorkel gear if you have your own already & have space (included on tours) 1-3mm wetsuit if you have one already (included on tours) plus: clothing for a variety of weather (it can be chilly (sweatshirt / jumper weather) at night + rainy, sunny, and windy all at once depending on the seaon) rain jacket hiking shoes or shoes that can get dirty! (hiking sandals or tennis shoes are fine, hiking boots not necessary) extra cash — there are ATM’s here ($4 to get out $200) not many places except card

Which airport do I fly into?

You will need to fly from wherever you are in the world to either Quito (UIO) or Guayaquil (GYE) airports which are in maindland Ecuador. These are the only airports that have connecting flights to San Cristobal. Sometimes, you can save money by booking the flights seperately to the island either through Latam or Avianca website versus buying all the flights together. Worth checking out! Just make sure you fly into SCY airport (San Cristobal) and NOT GPS from Quito or Guayaquil. The GPS airport (which will pop up when you type in 'Galapagos' to any flight search engine) takes you to Santa Cruz, which is a different island. If you accidentally go there, it will be okay. You will just have to take a an hour car taxi and a 2 hour boat ride to San Cristobal but let's avoid that at all costs! Double check that you fly into SCY airport!!! The SCY airport is only 5 minutes from town and we will be there to pick you up. Also be sure to book your return flight to the mainland from SCY because they will require proof of that before you board the plane!


How easy is it to get to Galapagos?


Very easy! Just book your flights to the SCY (San Cristobal) airport. You will need to go through a couple of lines in the GYE or UIO airports to get the tourist migratory card ($20), get your bags inspected for animals, plants, seeds, etc (to prevent invasive species from entering the islands) and also to check your covid vax status or PCR test. Depending on where you come from you may need a full day of travel, but everything else will be smooth sailing.

What are the covid restrictions & requirements?

In mainland Ecuador masks may be mandatory in some establishments. In the Galapagos they are totally optional. As of February 2022, the requirements for entering Ecuador and the Galapagos providence are as follows: - vaccination certificate with QR code or COVID-19 vaccination card with at least 14 days of validity after completing the scheme - OR a negative result of a qualitative RT-PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to boarding to Ecuador. If you are vaccinated, you do NOT need a PCR test to enter Ecuador. If you are not vaccinated, you need a negative PCR test within 72 hours of landing in Ecuador. GALAPAGOS: - vaccination certificate with QR code or COVID-19 vaccination card with at least 14 days of validity after completing the scheme - OR a negative result of a qualitative RT-PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to boarding to the Galapagos province. If you are vaccinated, all you need is your card. If you are not vaccinated, you need a negative PCR test within 72 hours of entering Galapagos. **YOU CAN USE THE SAME PCR TEST FOR BOTH FLIGHTS IF THEY ARE WITHIN THE 72 HOUR LIMIT OF LANDING IN GALAPAGOS** if you need help scheduling a testing site in mainland Ecuador, please email us at and we can help you find one. this info was taken from the following site:

Do I need travel insurance?

As a preventative measure we STRONGLY recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Proof of health insurance is required upon entry to Ecuador as of September 2017. If you do not already have personal or travel insurance you can check various packages of travel insurance available at this link: The hospitals on the islands are very poorly equipped and poorly staffed. There is an emergency helicopter service between islands only. Your insurance should at least cover emergency medical evacuation to mainland or home (suggested but not required). We are not responsible for flight schedule changes / cancelled flight. We suggest purchasing refundable airline tickets and to check with your travel insurance agency what their coverage is, in the event that you would miss your trip or a part of it due to a flight change. Any payment made to Barefoot Soul (Localazo Surf Rider Galapagos, ROWILLO S.A) to confirm reservation is acknowledgement by the payer that they agree to accept the Terms & Conditions stated herein. By making payment to Barefoot Soul you assume all liability for yourself during your visit in the Galapagos Islands and/or Ecuador and relieve Barefoot Soul (Localazo Surf Rider Galapagos, ROWILLO S.A) and affiliates of all legal responsibilities including death or injury to any member of your group. Barefoot Soul (Localazo Surf Rider Galapagos, ROWILLO S.A) will do everything within our control to make sure you are safe and well during your trip.

Can I stay before or after the dates of the retreat?

YES! You are more than welcome to stay on the island or even visit the other islands before or after the retreat. You will not be able to stay at the retreat home, but we are more than happy to help you find a place to stay and help plan the rest of your Galapagos trip. Please email us at to get customized booking done for you.

Is it safe for solo female travel?

Ecuador is a politically stable and a safe country to travel to as a solo female. The most common crime is petty theft such as stealing cellphones. Just use your street smarts and keep expensive items well hidden (NOT in your pockets or outter backpack pockets) while in the bigger cities, on buses, etc and you will be totally fine. Galapagos on the other hand is even MORE safe as it is a very small community that thrives on tourism and everyone knows eachother here. Worst thing would be a sea lion stealing your towel on the beach ;) which is always a great photo op anyways!

What is the currency and how much money do I need?

The U.S dollar (USD) is the official currency of Ecuador. This trip is an all-inclusive adventure, but you will need some cash to buy souvenirs or extra snacks/drinks at cafes if you want to or if you are staying before/after the retreat. You also have to pay $20 in cash in the UIO or GYE airport for a tourism migratory card (keep this with you!) and $100 in cash upon your entry to the Galapagos National Park at the SCY airport. There’s also the possibility to treat yourself with a massage ($80) if you are not booking the luxury room with one included. We recommend bringing $250 USD of extra pocket money, but there are ATM's available on the island. If you need a COVID-19 PCR test to return back home, plan another $60 US extra.


Do I need a visa to travel to Ecuador or Galapagos?

No visa necessary. A maximum stay of 90 days in Ecuador is authorized to regular tourists. Only 60 of those 90 days can be spent in Galapagos. You will be required to have a return flight from the islands back to the mainland in order to board the plane.

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What is the cancellation / refund policy?

- cancelation fee for any reason $700 (non-refundable deposit) - canceled 90+ days before arrival date we can give you a full refund (minus the non-refundable deposit) OR refund can be used as a voucher for future retreat within 1 year of original dates - canceled 60-90 days before arrival date we offer a 50% refund OR refund can be used as a voucher for a future trip within 1 year - canceled within 31-60 days before arrival date 30% refund OR refund can be used for a voucher for future trip within 1 year - canceled 30-14 days before arrival date 20% refund OR refund can be used as a voucher for a future trip within 1 year - after 14 days before arrival date we cannot offer a refund

What are the payment options and how do I book my spot?

Pay in full only through Paypal, Western Union, or bank transfer. Paypal is set up through the website you are currently on, just click “book now” and go through the steps. If you prefer to do Western Union or bank transfer, please email us at to get our details. **Your spot is booked once we have received your payment in full**

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, payment plan (available upon request only! please email is as follows: - $700 deposit (non-refundable) upon booking to reserve your spot - 50% of remaining balance paid 90 days before arrival date - 100% of remaining balance paid 60 days before arrival date ** Your spot is only confirmed once payment is made in full. If payments are not made on time, we (Barefoot Soul by Localazo Surf Rider) reserve the right to consider your booking as canceled. **

What if I have food restrictions or allergies?

We can accommodate you! Just let us know in the email we will send you after you book your spot what restrictions or allergies you have.

Do I need a power plug?

It depends on where you are traveling from! Check this website to find out for sure:

Is there WiFi?

Yes, there is wifi at the cottages and most cafes but Galapagos wifi in general is very slow. You won’t need it much though, you’ll be having too much fun with us!


no worries, send us an email at and we will get back to you within 48 hours! 

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