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to Lina Learning

I am Lina, and you will be learning plenty about me, but here I want to share my intention with this space.

I intend for this platform to be a place where I can share my own stories, unique outlooks, heartfelt truths, and divine experience of Life. This will be a place where you can come to find stories, resources, connections, and art that will inspire you to appreciate all that this life has to offer and dive deeper into your own personal inner flow with it.

This is a place for you to bring your curiosity and explore yourself.

That is why I am feeling called to create and share this space. I am not here to teach anything. I only wish to be a helping hand, a gentle guide that leads by example. I hope to remind you how you can return back to yourself and your true nature.


I am here to learn, just as you are.


We are on this journey together.


I do not claim to know anything. In fact, I have come to find that the more I learn, the less I know. And this is what I LOVE about this life. It is a never-ending dance of expansion, transformation, and growth.


In this space of Lina Learning I will share tools that are helping me along my inner journey, I will share my own personal experience through stories and journal entries, I will share my art through writing, poetry, and doodles, and I will share offerings of deeper connection and community. I am sure that this space will shift with me as I move through life, so be sure to expect many changes along the way.


It is my intention that by sharing these things I will encourage you to do the inner work and to explore the many ever-changing aspects of life and yourself with compassion and curiosity. I hope to light a spark inside you to heal yourself and then share your own unique truths with the world just as I am doing here.


This space will serve as a tool for you to refer to and an affirmation that you’re on the right path. I pray it brings you comfort in the realization that you are not alone. I pray it allows you to see that the full spectrum of this human experience is sacred. 


It is my promise to look at life with a beginner’s mind, through a lens of curiosity, so that I may always be a student and always have more space to learn, grow, and expand as we navigate this human experience together. This is a place for us to dive deep. And a place for me to share my journey and my medicine in hopes that it will light something up inside of you to start living from the inside out too.


So again, welcome. I am so grateful that you have found yourself here and that our paths are crossing, even if it’s only in this cyber-spacey way.


I’m sure there is something I can learn from you, too.

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